Using AI to Upgrade On-Model Photography Will Transform Your Online Clothing Business

An abstract illustration of a camera and artificial intelligence

In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, the importance of high-quality, engaging product photography cannot be overstated. It’s the visual representation of your product that can make or break a sale. As with many aspects of business, the process can be time-consuming and costly. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). This revolutionary technology is changing the game in […]

What is Google Shopping’s new Virtual Try-On feature?

A woman trying on clothes

Google Shopping Virtual Try-On (VTO) is a revolutionary feature that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes on real models and see whether an item is right for them before you making a purchase (for those interested, you can learn more about how Google developed its new generative AI model).  Understanding the Benefits of Google […]

Use AI-Generated Fashion Models Correctly to Boost Your Store’s Look

The ongoing boom in online fashion sales has given small apparel retailers an opportunity to shine, find their niche, gain a reputation online, and carve out a successful business. However, there are challenges that smaller retailers must overcome to become a success. This includes marketing their items in a professional, diverse way without breaking the […]

Best Practices for Fashion Product Detail Pages (PDP’s)

Apparel PDP best practices

As an online apparel retailer, you’re probably putting a lot of money and effort into bringing potential shoppers to your site. The Product Details page (PDP) is the last leg of the customer buying journey–It’s “money time”. The quality of a product page can convince a shopper to make the purchase or to continue shopping. […]

What do models have to do with ROAS? Everything!

The economic uncertainty of the past months has not skipped the apparel industry. Inflation, supply shortage, and geopolitical uncertainty have had their impact both on consumer buying habits and on the cost of goods. The result is rising pressure on online retailers to find innovative ways to draw shoppers’ attention. Increasing online advertising may seem […]