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Botika helps fashion retailers cut photo production costs and boost sales using AI-generated models.

Botika's AI generated Models in various poses
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How it works

Automatically upgrade your current on-model photos and turn them into an unlimited selection of professional product images, in no time.
Cropped Photo Enhanced with AI
Use your existing on-model images

Upload any angle or pose, even headless photos. Get creative without compromising on image quality.

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Stunning AI fashion model gallery
Choose the best models for your products from Botika’s diversified AI-generated model gallery, free from any licensing restrictions.
Easily swap background and create lifestyle photos

Optimize photo backgrounds and turn standard studio shots into eye-catching editorials with a click of a button.

Transform everyday photos into professional studio-grade images

Turn your homemade photos into beautiful product images your customers will love. 

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Why fashion brands love Botika

So far I've been very impressed with Botika the quality of the outputs. This will only get better as the capabilities continue to improve. It's a great way to add more models to you catalogue and to "fix" bad images! Give it a shot - they give eight free images to test it out. You'll be impressed... I was!
Andy Fine
Andy Fine
Founder, Sartoro
As the CEO of a company utilizing Botika, I'm beyond pleased. Botika hasn't just saved us significant costs on photoshoots and photo editing, but it has also elevated our brand's presence in the market. Most importantly, we've noticed a tangible increase in our conversion rates and revenue, a testament to the powerful impact of high-quality, engaging visuals on consumer behavior.
Chad Horstman
Chad Horstman
CEO, 3Wishes Lingerie
The Shopify app is super easy to use, offers a great price and most importantly, above all the quality is top notch! Really every picture was very good, none of the outliers that you usually know from AI images. A real game changer for fashion brands, fashion agencies and stockists who need top images regularly and quickly.
Michael Walter
Michael Walter
Managing Director, NIL+MON
Botika is the best AI-generated model we have tried. It offers realistic models, fast service, and excellent customer support.
Jorge Segura
Jorge Segura
Product Manager, FELIPE ALBERNAZ
Unquestionably the top app in the market! Botika has exceeded all expectations. Gone are the days of endless photoshoots and hefty production costs. This app is nothing short of amazing! It has become an indispensable asset. The results are nothing short of perfection. Botika has set a new standard for excellence in the industry.
Owner, Anita The Label
Great app, and has amazing results, I was impressed. I can't wait until the new updates come with more capabilities. Service is great, They were quick to answer all my questions.
Marcus Aliaga
Marcus Aliaga
CEO & Creative Director, ALLTRUEIST
Choose the right plan for you
Simple pricing that scales with you
  • 20 photo credits
  • Access to 8 models
  • 1 free revision per photo
  • 60 photo credits
  • Access to all models
  • 2 free revisions per photo
  • 300 photo credits
  • Access to all models
  • 3 free revisions per photo
Photo Credits/Month
Image resolution
Number of models
Headless photo enhancement
Change background
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Processing priority
Premium support
Starter Plan
Pro Plan
Studio Plan

Credits are used to submit product photos for editing. Each credit allows you to edit 1 photo. For example, if your product has 4 photos you’d like to submit for editing, it will require 4 credits.

Our monthly plans include a batch of credits you can use during that month. At the end of each month your credit balance will reset and you’ll receive a new batch of credits according to the plan you’re subscribed to.

We currently support on-model images only. This means we require the original photo you submit for editing to include a person wearing the clothes/items presented.

We chose this approach as it allows us to generate hyper-realistic results, while keeping the clothes and garment look true to reality.

Our solution currently doesn’t support flat-lay images, packshots or ghost mannequin photos. Consequently, our algorithms won’t render these types of photos and will mark them as “unsupported”.

Important to realize, unsupported images won’t count against your credit balance and you will be able to use them again with on-model photos.

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