The synthetic media platform for fashion

powered by AI

Virtual try on technology that enhances your users online shopping experience. Reduce return rates, improve conversions, and increase purchase confidence.

Increase conversion

Continuosly optimized

personalized models

Help users view items on a model physically similar to them to drastically boost their purchase confidence. Using advanced AI technology, we provide infinite models for each piece in your online store.

Reduce returns


virtual try-on

Based on just a selfie, provide users with hyper-realistic and accurate previews of how items will look on them. Allow users to try on multiple sizing options and choose the best fit for their body measurements.

Increase average order value

Automated creation of

recommended looks

Mix & match items from your existing catalog to create new recommended looks in seconds without recalling models to ever shoot again. Spark user creativity by allowing users to easily create their favorite outfits.


Become eco-friendly, reduce the amount of returns to your store, and save the planet.

Easy integration

Connect your product list and watch as we create infinite media possibilities, with just one click.

Diversity & Inclusion

Showcase models of different ethnicities, skin tones, and body types.

Your online store,

Our solutions

Enhance your online shopping experience with our unique product solutions. Reduce return rates, improve conversions, and increase user satisfaction.