Diversify your fashion models

Scale and localize your product photos with unlimited AI-generated models. Create a consistent brand experience, optimized per market or item.

Optimize models for optimal performance

Stop compromising on your fashion photos. Leverage Botika’s AI technology to boost performance.

Endless model diversity

Supercharge your business performance with an endless variety of fashion photos

Elevate your brand with a unique, high-quality,
look and feel.
Leverage model variations to drive more traffic to your online store and boost sales.

Embrace all shoppers, so they can embrace you

Easily introduce model diversity so shoppers can see themselves in your clothes, and relate to your brand. Support fast market expansion with model localization.

A customer enjoying the clothing item they purchased
A Team working hard to create professional studio photos

Turn existing photos into endless hyper-realistic images

Gone are the days of headless photos, wrong models, or one-model fits all. Change model based on facial expression, skin tone, hairstyle, background, and more – with a click of a button.


Conversion rate increase


Rise in product page views


Reduction in time to market

See Botika in Action

 A Generative AI solution tailored to meet fashion ecommerce retailers needs. Leverage your existing photos to create an endless number of images, with a click of a button.

Enhance photos
with a click of a button

Choose model based on ethnicity, hairstyle, color, facial expression, background, and more.

Choose from an endless selection of models

Use our library of AI-generated fashion models or upload photos of your own.

Quality makes
a difference

Enjoy best quality, hyper-realistic images, at scale.

Intuitive, cloud-based, AI solution

No ghost mannequins, no complex submission specifications, no hardware... You get the idea.

Inclusive Pricing

  • Photo credits per month*
  • Credit rollover
  • Processing time
  • Number of models


  • 100
  • None
  • 72 hours
  • 4


  • 500
  • Within the quarter
  • 48 hours
  • 8


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  • Photo credits per month*
  • Credit rollover
  • Processing time
  • Number of models


  • Photo credits* per month
  • Credit rollover
  • Processing time
    72 hours
  • Number of models


  • Photo credits* per month
  • Credit rollover
    Within the quarter
  • Processing time
    48 hours
  • Number of models


  • Contact us

* Credits are used to generate photos. Each credit equals one photo.

Tailored to

Ecommerce &
Marketing Executives

Embrace fashion tech and AI to stand out from other online apparel retailers. Leverage virtual models to create distinct, high-quality clothing photos that help you meet your business targets.


Creative Directors &
Studio Managers

Harness AI to easily meet deadlines. Generate large amounts of on-brand images – fast, and allow your creative team to focus on creativity.